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Should Every Brand Be On Instagram?

I read an interesting article in Fast Company that made the bold statement: every brand should be on Instagram. My first reaction: yeah....right. ::Cue face-palm::

As a PR professional I've always counseled my clients that it's not worth joining every social channel just to say you're on there. Not only can it be a time suck, but if your audience isn't there - why bother? But honestly, as I contemplate some of the facts and figures this author touts I'm starting to waver on my original eye-roll reaction. Not completely - I'm still feeling pretty judgey - but I'm at least considering it. Instagram or not, these solid points about the power of mobile marketing can not be refuted...

According to Forrester Research:

  • Last year mobile media consumption surpassed online for the first time with more than 100 million daily active users, 1.6 billion daily likes, and 20 billion shared photos.
  • There are nearly 200 million smartphone subscribers and nearly 100 million regular tablet users - with adoption rate expected to continue in the double digits over the next few years with 244 million smartphone subscribers by 2017 and 150 million tablet users by then.

And while we're at it, Custora released it's mid-year benchmark on the state of mobile commerce. Not surprisingly, mobile commerce is booming.  It has become a $40 billion market, up from $2 billion in 2010.  That’s a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 111%. Say...what?!

All this said, I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are on Instagram as well as other mobile marketing platforms. I know UBM Tech's mobile apps are very popular!

The article claims that "Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users." The issue I see here is that we represent B2B tech versus B2C, so are our influencers using Instagram? Would they share pics of the latest enterprise router or souped-up security raspberry pi? Maybe. Maybe not.

Would love to hear your experiences/successes marketing to an increasingly mobile audience. How do you fall on the "every brand should be on Instagram" bit?

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