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Snapchat As A B2B Marketing Tool

When thinking of new strategies to implement awareness growth for events, I decided that this social media outlet may be an interesting test. Snapchat utilizes geography-based filters that can be customized. These filters go over photographs to add a fun and interactive element for the user. The filter can showcase a logo, geolocation, and even fun designs.

Our first test of the filter occurred at Interop ITX 2018 in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel. We were able to buy out the location of the expo hall for the week which was very cheap, especially compared to other marketing tactics we have used. And if it wasn’t successful, it was at least fun to use our created Snapchat filter on site.

Interop ITX Snapchat Filters Interop ITX Snapchat Filters   

Thankfully though, it was a success! Although it is strictly an awareness tactic, the low cost of use (only $0.03 per impression!) and expansive reach makes it a platform to be reckoned with.

Snapchat has many different metrics in which they measure their use; something to keep in mind for future KPI measurement.

  • Swipes are counted as the amount of times that someone scrolled past the filter while looking through filters
  • Uses are counted as the amount of individual times someone sent a snap with the filter
  • Views is the amount of people that saw the filter from the reach of the uses
  • The usage rate is the average of the swipes and the uses

The Snapchat filter allows our attendees and influencers to share the event while on site to their network of peers, which brings the event to life. Having influencers sharing fun and engaging content, with the branding of the show from the filter, creating a testimonial that attendees “recommend” the event to their network.

Although this was our first stab at Snapchat filters in the B2B marketing scene, we are looking to expand the filters throughout our portfolio of events and work with design to create visually compelling content that will get even more impressions.

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