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Social Login Certification Could Ease User Fears

Marketers are frequently searching for new ways to get more people to register for their sites, online events, or gated content, as well as personalize user experience. A trend that seems to be catching on is social login which allows users to register using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account. This has many benefits for marketers, including access to additional information not typically included in a reg form. But users have mixed feelings about social login.

According to Gigya's recent Social Privacy Survey: Consumers Want More Transparency , over half of people surveyed have used social login to log into a website or mobile app. Gigya, and marketers, are concerned with the other half that is not using it.

"Survey respondents who had used social login services cited username/password fatigue, streamlined registration and social syndication as the three top benefits. Survey respondents who had not used social login services cited data transfer, social posting concerns and uncertainty of data usage as the top three factors for skipping a social login option when signing in to a website or mobile application. Respondents were concerned that if they used social login services, businesses would then sell their social data, their social network contacts would be spammed, or businesses would post to their social networks without permission."

InformationWeek's The BrainYard goes on to describe a possible solution - Gigya SocialPrivacy Certification. This certification program may help alleviate the fears some users have with using social login. Less fear could possibly result in more registrations, and that's something every marketer would welcome!

For more details about Gigya's certification program, check out The BrainYard's article: Gigya Certification Aims To Allay Social Login Fears by Debra Donston-Miller.

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