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Social Media At Work: Social Media And IT Marketing

Social Media's Not A Silver Bullet.  Here's How You Can Use It To Expand Your Reach And Increase Your Marketing ROI. 

Social media has become pervasive, and IT decision makers are increasingly using a variety of social platforms to share information and help them make purchase decisions.  UBM TechWeb's latest research, Fall 2011 Social Media at Work Study, shows that more technology buyers are relying on social media for information about new products and brands, and to get advice on technology.

But tapping into the power of social media to build a community and influence buying holds many challenges for IT marketers, and the most effective tactics are also the most difficult to implement without the right resources and upper management support. As DeusM Managing Director Steve Saunders described in his recent whitepaper, building communities is no easy task!

Instead of creating entirely new communities on social networking platforms, think of social media strategies as tools you can use to amplify your existing marketing initiatives: extending your reach and fostering engagement around content.

Read on to learn more about how IT decision makers are currently using social media, and how you can most effectively use social marketing strategies to connect with them.

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