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Social Stacks: The New Business Imperative

The use of social media for a host of business purposes is rising. Indeed, social is quickly moving from cutting edge to business basic. Organizations that have so far ignored social — either because they thought it was a passing fad or just didn't have the resources to properly evaluate potential use and products — must start giving it serious consideration.

If you feel overwhelmed by current social options, you’re not alone. Many organizations have not adopted social products or processes. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Customer engagement (constantly in your face) is a new responsibility: Anything new and not well understood or mapped out can be very unnerving.

Project management/ownership and prioritization: Many companies are frozen in their tracks, caught in the CMO / CIO divide; they are unable to see that social is at the convergence of internal productivity and external effectiveness.

History of failed projects: Naysayers feast on past failures and will actually use the social medium against itself.

The pressure for marketers to develop social business presence is growing, and, unlike individuals, companies don’t have the option to turn the other way and remain reclusive. The buyer is now totally in charge and driving the enterprise social agenda. It has thus become a business imperative for companies to be adequately gregarious. But how much and how far should marketers go to be considered “reasonably” social?

In this report, we examine the ways in which organizations are making use of social media products and processes, the potential hurdles to implementation and how to overcome them, and the issues — both technical and cultural — that organizations should keep top of mind as they start down the social path.

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