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SWMS Audio: TechWeb Marketing VP Scott Vaughan

Listen to Scott Vaughan, VP of Marketing at TechWeb discuss Interop Las Vegas, next generation PR, and TechWeb's Marketing Services capabilities with Media Survey's Sam Whitmore.

"The craft of press relations has changed," TechWeb marketing VP Scott Vaughan tells us. "I actually think there's more opportunity [today], but [it requires] reshaping the way traditional PR is done and communications are done."

Highlights include:

  • TechWeb editors still want to hear story pitches, but PR pros should embrace the video demo as a new opportunity. At Interop last week, tech executives demoed their new products on live TV while an editorial host -- either Fritz Nelson or David Berlind -- asked questions.
  • TechWeb events generate more revenue than either print or web content. The breakdown: 22 percent from print, 38 percent from online and 40 percent from events. PR pros therefore should explore every event-related avenue -- from speaker placement to on-camera interviews -- when approaching TechWeb titles.
  • InformationWeek Analytics produces in-depth research on tech topics and is going "gangbusters," Vaughan says. The analytics content is both free (white papers) and paid (reports typically sell for $499). Though it is not as "pitchable" as InformationWeek itself, Vaughn does suggest that PR pros can "provide a company's customers as 'voices'" across all of IWK's content operations including IWK Analytics.
  • Employing more than 40 in its "Marketing Services" division overseen by Vaughan, TechWeb also produces custom lead-gen content for tech vendors. Some of it is quite slick. Check out this Flash-based "concierge site," built for CA, that guides visitors to CA newsletters, white papers and software demos.

Bottom line: trade publishers are diversifying and investing in just about everything BUT traditional tech edit. You've been warned.