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Technology Executive Event Preferences and Dislikes

Research-Based White Paper: How Face-to-Face Conversations Achieve Lasting Customer Relationships

Executive events are a valuable marketing tool that can help you build relationships with new customers while deepening long-term relationships with existing ones. Best practices gained from years of experience can help determine the difference between a highly successful event and one that falls short of achieving its intended results.

Events Editor in Chief Brian Gillooly shares the things we’ve learned over the years, underscored by a few valuable tips that will help you drive results via high-impact customer conversations at executive events. We also share new research that has further clarified just what it takes to achieve maximum results from event marketing activities.

  • Why do technology executives attend events?
  • What event formats do they prefer?
  • What content do they want at events?
  • What would prevent them from engaging with your company post-event?

Based on more than 200 executive events that we produce each year at UBM Tech, we believe that successful events are built around great conversations that foster long-lasting trust between technology decision makers and vendors.

Download the white paper now.

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About the Author Brian-Gilooly-e1313428517663

Brian has spent more than two decades establishing a trusted and significant presence in the business technology community. One of the most recognized personalities in technology media, he has built valuable relationships with the most influential practitioners in the technology industry and counts his closest contacts as CIOs from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

As the Editor In Chief of events at UBM Tech, Brian is responsible for developing a vision that provides both the audience and the client with clarity and insight into today’s most challenging business technology issues.


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