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Tips for Writing Effective Marketing Copy

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We have all been there - you are looking for information and all you can see are sales pitches, multiple calls to action, deadlines and everything you read sounds like something the used car salesman would say. Or worse, you are reading dry, lifeless copy that bores you a little bit more with each word you read.

Marketing copy can make or break your campaign. You could have a revolutionary product but if your copy does not do it justice people will overlook it. So how can you spice up your copy and land that sale?

Think like the customer
Knowing your audience is rule number one for effective copy writing. Without a clear vision of who your customer is and what their needs are, it is nearly impossible to find an effective tone and style that will speak to them. Think about it, you don’t speak to your teenager the same way you speak to your boss - it is all about context. What works for one group doesn’t necessarily translate to another. Be sure to use (or not use) jargon when appropriate and keep the conversation casual if that is how your audience communicates.

Bring an authentic voice
There is nothing people hate worse than when something comes off as insincere. As marketers, we are essentially salespeople with a pen. You want your message to come off as informative, friendly and compelling. If you received a phone call from a salesperson who didn’t know anything about you or your needs and could only give you generic answers, you wouldn’t be likely to buy that product. Don’t make that mistake in you marketing copy either!

When developing a tone and message for your campaign, always consider the following:

-Who is my audience?
-What am I trying to tell them and/or get them to do?
-How do I want my audience to perceive my company/product/service?

Less is more
Similar to “Death by PowerPoint” you can severely hurt your cause with too much copy. In today’s social media age where we communicate in 140 characters or less, people expect concise and compelling messages. Also, if you can replace a long paragraph with nice succinct bullets, do it - your clients will thank you! Short messages are more likely to be read, remembered and more importantly….shared! 

There is no magic bullet for good copywriting. What works for one product and/or business may not resonate with your target audience. When planning your next round or marketing copy, take the extra time to think about who you are speaking to, plan out what it is you want to convey, how best to structure it in a short and compelling way and most importantly have fun!


Guest post by Kelly Ryan, Marketing Manager, UBM Canon.

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