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Top 10 Siefert Rules for Marketing in a Crap Economy

  1. Set realistic metrics with an understanding that the higher the CPL the better the lead (and vice versa).
  2. Outline a beginning, middle and an end to your program.
  3. Leverage each media type for what it is good at—online is good for branding, lead gen and engagement, print is huge for viability and face to face kicks ass for accelerating the sales process. Used in unison, you surround the customer.
  4. Don’t blow money on one big ticket item, unless it has longevity. You are not Apple (unless you are) and it is not the 1984 Super Bowl.
  5. Include sales teams in your marketing plans, so they flow through the sales channel. This is huge, as most companies still do marketing programs without engaging the sales channel—and those dollars are spent without ensuring a common message is coming from the sales organization.
  6. Do not mistake “cool” for “productive”…nuff said.
  7. Choose a “product” or “corporate” approach, do not mix and match them unless you have the money to do so.
  8. The days of the “flight” campaign are over—you need longevity in your messaging that has iterative content updates.
  9. Do not over-architect the approach, keep the offer and the content simple for the user to understand and access.
  10. Do not “pitch;” instead, lead with an understanding of the customer’s needs, and outline how your solution fulfills it.