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Top Marketing Skills for B2C vs B2B vs Not for Profits in 2017

In the recently released Marketing Team Structures Report 2017, there is a marketing skills matrix that compares the importance of various skills to marketing. Ranked by feedback from marketers, this matrix shows how importance of skills varies significantly from market to market. The chart version below:















From personal experience, I can say that the top five for B2B absolutely match up with my team’s ranking of skills.

  1. Marketing Strategy and Planning is at the top because it is difficult – make that impossible - to measure a team’s success year over year without a plan mapped out first. Since “success” is measured in a variety of forms, as small as your subject line testing strategy for emails to hitting your sales goals, every marketing team needs well-defined strategies.
  2. CreateYourNextCustomer has also written time and again about content production and its rising importance to branding and lead generation.
  3. Email marketing – often the bane of a marketing team’s strategy – is free, and will forever be integral to outreach. Regardless of how large or small the marketing budget is, all B2B marketers know that their prospects and customers check email.
  4. Copywriting goes hand in hand with the content production and email marketing.
  5. Customer insight has become a more recent goal for our team. Now that we have a better handle of our marketing technology (Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo) we are parsing through the data to understand our customers better and create personas. This process takes time, but this year we’ll see if this strategy (see #1) paid off. Or as one respondent shared: “We gather a lot of data and information but rarely have time to thoroughly analyse and use it strategically. Or rather to use this data to generate even more effective campaigns,” one respondent said, while others complained that they were struggling to develop a “data driven culture’ within the organization with ‘so many metrics, so little time for analysis."

This matrix was helpful to gauge my team's priorities against other marketers, and potentially helpful for adjusting where our time and budgets are spent in 2017. See the full marketing skills report over at TFM Insights. 

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