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Twitter Opens Direct Messages To Your Prospects

Twitter is rolling out a new setting that allows users to receive direct messages from any follower, not just from people or brands they also follow. The question is: will you opt in?


There are pros and cons to this setting; the immediate negative that comes to mind is the potential for a flood of spam or misdirected messages. (I have switched it on, and haven’t noticed any unwanted activity.) I was encouraged to change my settings because I recently tried to reach out privately to another user, only to realize that they didn’t follow me back. This reasoning highlights the big positive: direct messages make users – and brands! – more accessible.

Twitter just opened a new way for our customers/ prospects/ fans to communicate with us. Whether a direct message is used to privately tweet a complaint, ask a question, or share a hot tip, it opens up your brand to listen and connect to your customers.

Don't forget that Direct Messages can work to the advantage of both parties - it's another channel for your brand to reach out directly to certain power users. If used appropriately, your DM @poweruserX could influence how they ultimately promote your products and services to thousands of their followers.

As this setting is rolled out to everyone, I encourage you to share your thoughts on how it's working as a part of your marketing efforts.

To learn how to update your settings, visit InformationWeek Software’s post.

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