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UBM Reconfigures to Meet Growing Demand for Marketing Services

May 17, 2012

UBM plc announces the formation of two new marketing services businesses, UBM Technology and UBM Connect. 

UBM Technology will focus on serving professional communities across the global information technology sector.  UBM Technology brings together UBM’s previously separate technology businesses, UBM Techweb, UBM Electronics and UBM Channel.  Led by Paul Miller, former CEO of UBM Electronics, UBM Technology generates annual revenues of around $285m, with more than 675 employees and world-leading brands including events such as Game Developers Conference and Black Hat, and leading online and print brands such as Information Week, EE Times, CRN, COMDEXvirtual and

UBM Connect will provide marketing services across a number of communities, the largest of which are healthcare, medical device design and advanced manufacturing.  This business brings together UBM Medica US and UBM Canon Publishing, as well as other UBM business units.  With revenues of approximately $60m and 240 employees UBM Connect will be led by Sally Shankland, former CEO of UBM Medica US.  The business’s leading brands include Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry, QMed, Cancer Network, Physicians Practice and Psychiatric Times.

UBM DeusM (, online community marketing services) and UBM Studios (, digital events, environments and communities) will be organisationally structured as part of UBM Technology and UBM Connect respectively but will continue to operate independently across all of UBM’s businesses and serve clients in other industries directly.

David Levin, CEO of UBM plc said: “The formation of UBM Technology and UBM Connect is the next step in our long term strategy to build successful, growing marketing services businesses which meet the changing needs of our customers. While tailored for each community, the marketing services we provide are increasingly consistent.  This reconfiguration of our capabilities will allow us to better apply the expertise, experience and leading-edge marketing platforms across all the markets we serve.”

“We have invested in both product development and acquisitions to support the reshaping of our businesses; for example, we have invested more than $200m in more than 25 acquisitions for our technology business since 2005.  In 2005 we generated more than 60% of our technology market revenues from print products: today that figure is under 8%.  We now generate revenues from a far wider set of digital, live and print products, with online and events contributing over 80% of technology revenues.  Our UBM Medica US business has pursued a parallel strategy and has successfully developed from a print-dominated business to a digitally-oriented marketing services business serving US healthcare professionals.”

“The development of our business has been paralleled by the development of UBM’s internal collaborative culture and working practices.  We are now able to ‘square the circle’ of having teams working very close to the communities and markets they serve whilst also sharing, contributing to and leveraging best practice developed across all of UBM’s businesses.”
“Paul Miller and Sally Shankland are both highly effective leaders – graduates of UBM’s Business Leaders Programme - who have successfully led their respective businesses across the digital divide and are ideally equipped to take up the challenge of leading UBM Technology and UBM Connect.”