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UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek Introduces Three New Marketing Services

New social, content and video solutions increase brand engagement

UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek announced three new marketing services products centered around educational programming, Internet awareness, and live streaming video. The new products – InformationWeek University, InformationWeek’s Internet Influence Program, and UBM TechWeb’s Live Video Broadcasts – are all guaranteed to enhance engagement around a technology’s brand, product, or service via three different mediums.

InformationWeek University is a series of online courses running for 12 weeks over a six-month period, combining live educational broadcasts with interactive chat and downloadable slides. Each week includes a sponsored track delivering a minimum of 800 participants/leads, and thousands of messages delivering very deep engagement with defined groups of professionals.

InformationWeek’s Internet Influence Program (IIP) is a unique and revolutionary new service that takes a tech company’s high-value content, and uses an avalanche of social media to amplify it over the Internet – improving and increasing awareness of a company’s executives, services, and solutions. The effectiveness of the IIP campaign is proven by “Before & After” measurements, using a quantitative Internet influence rating system developed by UBM TechWeb. IIP can be used for many different applications, including creating awareness for a company or executive or to support a new product or service announcement.

UBM TechWeb’s Live Video Broadcasting service offers the opportunity to broadcast interviews, panel discussions, or lectures on the latest business technology issues on any UBM TechWeb community.  Video programming is broadcast live using state-of-the-art IP simulcasting technology. Audiences view the interviews from their computers, and an instant messaging application allows them to discuss the event with other audience members. After each show, the presenters and guests join the online chat session, enabling the audience to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of its brands and vast video expertise, UBM TechWeb produces simulcasts and implements a comprehensive outbound marketing campaign targeting senior IT professionals across the globe. A minimum of 200 qualified registrants is registered per event.

UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek University program, Internet influence program and Live Video Broadcast product are all available now.

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