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UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek Launches Community Activation Platform (CAP)

Community-Based Program Ignites Conversations Among Tech Pros and Offers Cost-Effective Engagement Program  for Tech Marketers

San Francisco, CA, October 19, 2011 – UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek announced Community Activation Platform (CAP), a cost-effective program enabling tech marketers to drive deeper engagement with business and technology professionals by generating meaningful conversations, customer leads, asset downloads, and market research.  CAP is part of a successful portfolio of Community and Conversation solutions offered by UBM TechWeb.  More information on the CAP program can be found at UBM TechWeb’s

The core of the CAP program provides clients with an exclusive sponsorship of an online community that delivers 100% share of voice, and sole ownership of a targeted community of professionals.  Technology marketers can purchase CAP’s core program, or customize the program by integrating marketing modules – leads, branding, and/or market education – in the exact increments to meet their objectives.

CAP’s high level of audience engagement comes from:  a combination of authoritative content to attract decision makers; extended integration with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; and a state of the art multimedia platform that provides a simple way for users to interact.  The CAP program utilizes core functionality deployed in UBM’s “Community in a Box” platform.  This platform powers nine distinct award-winning communities, including Internet Evolution and Enterprise Efficiency.

“Marketers want deeper levels of engagement,” said Martha Schwartz, Executive Vice President of Sales at UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek.  “We worked with our clients to develop a program that meets this important objective while providing our audience of business technology professionals with a high-value informative and social platform.”

The CAP program and all its modules are available now.  For more information on CAP, click here.

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