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Understanding Today's Technology Purchase Process

The Enterprise Technology Purchase Process Is More Complex Than Ever.  Reframe Your Marketing Around Customer And Organizational Needs.

The enterprise purchase process is highly complex. It is initiated by an organization’s need to change and to meet specific business needs.  It also involves many different decision makers who play multiple roles, and require different types of information at each stage of the process.  This new report offers insights into today’s purchase process—and guides Tech Marketers on how to deliver content and information that sets you apart, adds value to your customers and prospects, and unlocks organizational buying decisions.

The report finds that many technology marketers are missing critical opportunities to impact the enterprise technology purchase process.  The authors, Research Director Amy Doherty and Director of Client Marketing Strategy Jonathan Vlock, also recommend that tech marketers focus on the early stages of the decision making process, and job "roles," -- not titles.

This latest Tech Marketer Best Practices report is based on new UBM TechWeb quantitative research that studied the purchase process of 860 business and technology professionals, and qualitative data based on metrics drawn from millions of monthly transactions and engagements UBM TechWeb has with enterprise decision makers.

Download the report today and find out how you can better align your marketing assets to the complex purchase process.

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About the Authors

Amy Doherty, Research Director, UBM TechWeb - In her 20+ years at UBM TechWeb (formerly CMP Media), Amy worked in various capacities under the editorial, sales and marketing umbrellas before joining the research team in 1993.  She has been Research Director since 1999.  Amy has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

As Research Director at UBM TechWeb, Amy is responsible for the overall marketing research strategy and direction for UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek Business Technology Network.   Amy is responsible for the design, fielding and data analysis for approximately 50+ marketing research surveys a year, including studies such as Social Media and IT Marketing, online audience profiles, InformationWeek’s Best Practices series, and numerous custom “State of” research studies on a wide array of technology topics across various vertical industries.

Jonathan Vlock, Director of Customer Marketing Strategy, UBM TechWeb - Jonathan leads the strategic growth, industry positioning and customer success of UBM TechWeb’s BtoB marketing services division.

In this role, he acts as both as a program architect and liaison between marketing, sales and operation; managing the design, creation and implementation of complex marketing programs for InformationWeek and its technology clients. Prior to joining UBM, Jonathan served in a variety of marketing and sales roles at Bulldog Solutions, Ziff Davis Enterprise, and Analysts In Media.

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