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Use Content to Maximize the B2B Buying Process

B2B marketers continue to churn out more and more content in their efforts to capitalize on content marketing. Yet marketers are reporting less effectiveness year over year. Sound familiar? I attended a session at 2016’s Content Marketing World called “How to Use Content to Maximize the B2B Buying Process” to gain some insights on how to focus on quality and effectiveness over quantity and speed.

Key takeaways:

  • Goal: Move beyond relevance, and learn to resonate. This is the content that will motivate and engage buyers.
  • Marketers need to think about the purposeful content that makes a difference to the reader. What does that content look like?
    • Ideas that go beyond their current thinking
    • Identifies new business opportunities
    • Addresses existing business problems
  • Amplification is not about producing more content, it’s about being smart in how you promote it. There must be a documented plan. Don’t just write three blogs so that there’s new content on your blog, be tactful about what you're posting and where it's going.
  • Content must inform you (the marketer) as much as it informs buyers.
    • Example: Reader downloaded Asset 1; now we know they’re looking to answer this question about [X], to solve problem [Y]
    • This is the secret weapon to understand where they are in the buying stage and what they’re looking for, then you can nurture them further with the next piece of content.

How to evaluate content ideas:

  • Is this a topic where it matters to your target audience that we have a differentiated POV?
  • Our POV should produce [X response] in our persona to help shape their perspective
  • We will amplify this content by doing [X,Y,Z] to achieve the above goal
  • We will be prepared to respond in these ways [X,Y,Z]

Expand on your POV

  • Spin it for relevance to each persona/vertical
  • Apply the info in different formats
  • Adjust the context for various channels
  • Connect it to related storylines, campaigns
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