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Video: How NOT To Exhibit At Tech Events

UBM marketers started a list of things to avoid when exhibiting at a show after a series of discussions with sales representatives. Often, the marketing managers will book the show and exhibitor space, and the sales team will man the booth onsite. The sales team, however, may not necessarily know how to work a booth, and often you'll see staff on their laptop or phones, or having a chat with colleagues, and miss the attendees coming to see them. The sales team then sends feedback to their marketing manager that the show wasn't any good. Or worse, marketers will receive feedback from exhibitors that they didn't follow up on their leads after the show!

With that, here's a few tips and advice for what Not to do as an exhibitor:

  • Do not do your office job on the stand (keep laptops and smart phones out only for product demos)
  • Do not eat at your booth unless you are serving food to the visitors too
  • Have at least one tech person at your booth (if you are selling something technical). Sometimes sales people can't answer all the questions!
  • Think about body language... do you look approachable?
  • Dress appropriately for your market

Plus plenty more in the video!

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