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Video Native Advertising That Works for B2B

We all know that video has become a potent online tool in conveying marketing messages to viewers. But all video content isn’t created equal, and it’s important to understand the differences.

native-video-advertisingThe tried and true method of video advertising can be classified as “instream” video—namely, video advertising that appears within a traditional video stream on a popular player like YouTube. Now instream video is being challenged by the “outstream” phenomenon, where advertising is placed outside of a traditional video stream.

Outstream video is a form of native advertising that’s embedded within other content, such as within a text article, a news feed, or a slide show.

Where Outstream Wins

One of our partners at UBM has undertaken comprehensive industry research that explores the effectiveness of outstream vs. instream video advertising. Here are a few of their findings:

  • Outstream ads generated a higher viewable duration than their instream counterparts
  • Ad awareness for respondents who “completed” viewing an ad was greater for outstream (53%) than instream (42%)
  • Outstream ads were better at building unaided brand awareness, with a 36% vs. 23% “build” over time
  • When viewed to completion, outstream formats created a 10% build in brand favorability. Instream formats were flat.

Why do the numbers skew this way? The answer is because outstream video is a form of native advertising. The very best examples of native advertising are quality content that’s contextually relevant to the rest of the site’s content.

Viewers can sometimes choose to bypass instream content—or otherwise view it negatively as traditional advertising. The beauty of outstream video is that the onsite visitor stumbles upon it within the context of the hosted editorial content that he or she is absorbing. It’s all about being in the flow, and having the look and feel of the surrounding content.

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In Read Video: Engaging the Tech Buying Community

At UBM, we offer our own outstream video native advertising service. It’s called InRead Video, and it places your video advertisement in the middle of trusted editorial content that appears on our network of sites.

More specifically, placing your short (ideally, 30 seconds or less for maximum effect) video in between several paragraphs of content and below the fold in the page ensures higher viewer engagement. The video plays, unprompted, once it’s visible on a user’s screen. If the user can’t see it, it pauses and then resumes when the video comes into view again on the page. Audio starts on the rollover of a user’s mouse.

So go native. Go outstream. Go InRead.

Click here for more information about InRead Video.

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