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Video Used For 5% or Less of Marketing Communications

Modified version of BeyondPR's post 6 Ways to Adopt Visual Storytelling into Your 2015 PR Strategy.


Results of the second annual PR Newswire/PR News Survey are in and they are both stunning and unremarkable.  Stunning: more than half of those surveyed say less than 5% of their external communications are delivered via video, which, given all we know now, makes me feel like we’re not paying attention.  If just one minute of video communicates the equivalent of 1.8 million words of text and video is shared 1200% more than links and text combined, then why are so many of us still on the sidelines?

Unremarkable:  less than 5% of overall PR budgets of those surveyed are devoted to video content.  I mean, yeah, duh.  That’s self-evident.  If there’s no money in the kitty earmarked for visual content, then none will be  created.  But we have to do something about that, because visual content is what our audiences expect.  It’s what they’re consuming on their phones, their tablets and their computers.  Staying in step with audience preferences when it comes to content type is something PR can’t overlook.



Learn how you can easily adopt visual storytelling into your 2015 PR strategy in six steps over at BeyondPR.

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