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Visual Social Media: How To Use Images To Increase Customer Engagement And Sharing

As of April 2013, the photo-sharing app Instagram had more than 100 million active users, uploading 40 million new photos every day. Facebook users upload an average of 300 million photos a day, Pinterest triggers more offline actions than Twitter, and infographics have become a standard format for consuming—and sharing—information.

visualsmWelcome to the visual social web. Photos, images and infographics now generate more user engagement, sharing activity and traffic than a tweet, blog post or other written content. According to ROI Research, social media users prefer pictures over jokes, status updates, or other types of content, and they are also more likely to engage with posts from brands when the status update involves a picture.

Content may be king, but today, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Does this trend toward visual social networking really apply to tech marketers and the business-to-business market in general? What are the savviest tech companies doing on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram—and what can you learn from them?

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at the visual social media revolution and how it applies to tech marketing—and offer 5 tips on how your brand can boost its connection with customers by going visual.

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