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Want More Leads? Focus on Top of the Funnel Brand Marketing.

Forrester Research estimates that more than 50% of vendors are eliminated by a potential decision maker before a sales rep is contacted.  To mitigate that, the historical approach may have been to hire more sales folks.

Not anymore.  If tech buyers aren’t even picking up the phone or sending you an email until late into the decision making process, more sales reps isn’t the answer.  What is?  Integrating more top of the funnel brand tactics into your overall marketing strategy.  The leads will follow. 

Focusing on top of the funnel marketing is a bit contrary to where many marketers have spent their time over the past few years, managing campaign after campaign chasing leads.  Its time to supplement those campaigns with programs that also "pull" leads in.

What approaches are marketers using to address top of the funnel marketing?  According to a recent BtoB survey report, the top five channels best at achieving brand awareness as rated by b2b marketers are:

  1. Corporate website
  2. Display advertising
  3. Social media
  4. In-person events
  5. Email

Seems like most marketers agree that the one-two punch of their corporate website accompanied by advertising in environments their prospects are using and engaging with are the most impactful channels when it comes to brand awareness.      

Marketers need to get much more effective with branding and gaining significant awareness as tech buying triggers happen.  Your brand has to be among the few select that decision makers contact after their initial research has been done.  Research on their own, mind you. 

 It’s like the lottery: “you got to be in it, to win it.”

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