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Web Stats Every Marketer Needs

I came across a blog post from Harvard Business Publishing, “Five Mind-Blowing Web Stats You Should Know,” that I immediatley started IM’ing to my collegues. 

These numbers will make you stop and think about how far we have come and then wonder what will come next.  It’s definatley worth a full read but here are the highlights;

  1. 40,000-fold increase in the number of websites in 15 short years, with 200 million plus websites today
  2. Blogosphere is doubling between once & twice a year, with over a million blog posts daily
  3. There is now more than 5 million tweets
  4. Google gets over 2 billion queries and Facebook gets 700,000 new users A DAY
  5. Half of the Top 10 US websites are between 5 and 6 years old

Book mark this Harvard Business post as it has all of the reference points you need to use in your presentations/explainations on why you need to continue to test and invest in emerging marketing mediums.