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Webinar Executive Summary: How Effective Is Your Content Marketing?

Tech marketers are constantly searching for data to improve their content marketing strategies and increase sales. As a result, we conducted a research survey to find out what types of content our audience of business technology professionals rely on to make purchasing decisions. The results educate tech marketers on the top content formats that inform IT professionals, how those content formats are used, and the actions they inspire.CMI

The 2015 study titled “Content Connects” found that webinars are the #1 content format (74%) that IT professionals use to get information for their jobs. Based on this finding, we hosted our webinar, “How Effective Is Your Content Marketing?” to reveal the results of the study. You can watch the on demand version of the webinar here. Additional key content formats addressed include: research, white papers, vendor content, video, digital radio, infographics and slide shows.

Other findings include:

  • Most important information types
  • Information criteria
  • Mobile content consumption

Download the executive summary today!

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