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Webinar Executive Summary: How The Tech Buy Goes Down

exec summary imageIn UBM's Tech Marketing webinar, entitled "How The Tech Buy Goes Down," Kathleen Connolly, EVP of IT Event and Media Sales, and Amy Doherty, Director of Research, presented findings from this year's The Mind of the IT Pro research report. Based on a survey of 415 business technology professionals, the report provided insight into modern day IT professionals, to help technology marketers improve their digital and event marketing and targeting strategies.

Along with a summary of the webinar content, some of the questions that arose during the Q&A have been answered here, including:


Q. When I am thinking about whom to target with messaging for my product, I think of focusing on the CIO. Do you have more detail on who is involved at different stages of the purchase cycle?


Q. I noticed that most technologies are purchased in about a 3- to 6-month time frame. Do you think this is faster than in the past?


Q. Do you know what content works best with the buying committee?


Download the executive summary to read the responses - or watch the on-demand version!
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