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Welcome to the Cool Table

By this point, I am sure everyone in the world has seen Superbad—it is likely the most kick ass movie to come out in a long time. There are a couple of reasons for that:

1. It's something that everyone can relate to—we all went to high school and remember what it was like to get invited to the person’s party that you had a massive crush on. Those times when you went so far as to lie about a fake ID, a car or whatever just to come off cool (I can get some alcohol fooooooooooow showwwwwwwwww).

2. Even though McLovin’ and the crew were working hard to ‘hook up,’ you still like them because they are different, unique and, well, pretty damn irreverent. They create their own kind of cool.

So why, pray tell, would I be bringing it up here in this blog. Well, glad you asked. It is because I think business is a lot like Superbad. I mean you always have a bunch of people working really, really hard to come off smarter, cooler, older/younger or more sophisticated than they really are…just to make you like them and respect them. But then, you find the people/organizations who are cool just by doing what they want to do—they, if you will, create their own cool table. Sort of like the guys from Superbad.

Round here, we believe in creating our own kind of cool as well. In fact, we believe that so much that we decided to create this entire site around creating our own cool table, just for you. I’ll explain what this means in just a sec, but before I do, I got make one thing clear. There are plenty of chairs at this table so come in, make yourself comfortable and help yourself, but there is just one rule you have to follow - Ya’ll gotta be cool.

On this site, InformationWeek Business Technology Network has created an environment that lets you take advantage of all the research, analysis and creativity that has gone into creating our brands, sites, events, products and programs. It is a deep dive into helping you (or your customer if you work at an agency) attract, close and retain your next customer.

Here is how we do it and what you can leverage:

  • We’ll have a revolving blog featuring Scott Vaughan, VP of Marketing, Brandon Friesen, VP of Sales, and other guest bloggers who will chime in with their thoughts on what is up in the market and on the site
  • Cutting edge research that examines how users traverse the web looking for information, and how they use different media types (blogs, podcasts, video, downloads, mobile, etc)
  • Widgets that customize based on your needs, pull specific information from our content and have it available for you, how you want it
  • RSS feeds, newsletters and more that will keep you up to date on the information that will make you the McLovin of your marketing organization

The real deal with this site is about helping you make the best decisions you can make to create your next customer. We have aggregated all of the kick ass information we have built into one site that makes it available for you On Demand, when you need it. We will actually have this site to a point where you can literally build your own media plan via our resources, and have the goods to back up your decisions through our research and analysis pieces available here (this is in the works right now). Further, you can riff on the blogs we’ll be positing weekly—ask questions, debate with us, throw down your thinking and take advantage of the fact that we are laying it out there (for good or for bad).

My goal will be to never turn this blog into shameless promotion of the site—you’ll scope out the site, see what you dig and use it for your own needs. Which is perfect, that is exactly why it is here. My follow up blogs will be less about what the site offers and more about my observations, opinions, perspective and long term view of what is cooking in this business that tight ropes two of the most dynamic industries in the world: media and technology.

So take a poke through, check it out and let us know what you think. Much like Superbad, we continue to create our own kind of cool table…grab a seat, it kicks ass.