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Welcome To The New Light Reading Site

Greetings! Just a quick post to let you in on the latest news at UBM Tech.

This week, Light Reading becomes the second in a series of groundbreaking community-based launches for UBM Tech in 2013. (The EE Times online community launched at the end of June and continues to thrive.)

The new Light Reading combines the best of Light Reading's independent daily editorial coverage with a multimedia content strategy focused on enhancing human interaction across the global communications community. That interaction comes in the form of contributed blogs from telecom, mobile, cable, and web services executives; enhanced multimedia message board discussions that encourage knowledge-sharing among community members; and the opportunity to network in person at Light Reading industry events such as the Ethernet & SDN Expo, which will be tightly integrated with the online presence.

Light Reading's new community based site Light Reading's new community based site

The adoption of the new community model by Light Reading has been enabled by a migration to the content management system and proven operational strategies of DeusM, an integrated marketing services company owned by UBM. DeusM builds and operates highly engaged communities of qualified users within specialist B2B markets using a strategy of best-practices focused on content and technology.

As the world's leading authority on next-generation communications technologies, Light Reading strongly believes that it should use the same high-tech communications to increase engagement with audiences on its website, and before, during, and after its live and in-person events. The new site delivers unprecedented levels of engagement - both for service providers, and the advertisers looking to reach them. With Light Reading, the medium really is the message!

And we can't forget, today's telecom market is being defined by some huge shifts: from voice to data communications; from thin pipes to massive cloud architectures; and from separate telecom and IT infrastructures to a single converged network. These shifts, in turn, are driving the introduction of software-defined networks; the creation of millions of specialized applications; and the broad uptake of video communications. All of this spells opportunity for the companies that work within the telecom ecosystem covered by Light Reading.

Currently, more than at any time in Light Reading's 13-year history, our job is to help service providers anticipate and capitalize on these transitions. That's why we've spent the last six months giving Light Reading its most dramatic overhaul in a decade - ensuring that it continues to be the most authoritative and highly engaged telecom site.

  • New Site Design
    We've revamped our site's design to emphasize the community activity that Light Reading has always been famous for: promoting user interaction and highlighting the most popular content - including multimedia content like video, streaming audio, and infographics.
  • New Content Strategy
    The new Light Reading will generate massive amounts of new content from its six full-time editors and Heavy Reading's 12 full-time analysts, as well as a new, enhanced contributor base of more than 50 highly qualified industry executives from leading service provider and carrier organizations.
  • New Content Sponsorships
    We've also completely overhauled our content marketing opportunities to provide you, the client, with unprecedented ability to focus your messaging to your target audience. New features include exclusively sponsored sections on some of the most important topics in telecom - including SDN, mobile, service provider IT, ultra-fast optical, and video.

For more details, view the full press release online, or check out our video.

We value your partnership and welcome your contributions. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

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