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Where the Enterprise Communications Market Is Today

For the 20 years it's been in existence, the leading event in enterprise communications has identified itself solidly with the medium of Voice - first with the designation, "PBX," a technology exclusive to voice; and then with the name "VoiceCon." And yet through most of this time, VoiceCon and its predecessor events have addressed technologies related to data and video communications, in synchronous and asynchronous, real-time and non-real-time form, as appropriate to the needs of our audience.

Now the time has come for the name of our event to reflect the multi-faceted, multi-media communications world in which we all live. Enterprise communications includes voice, video and data media, and none of these is more important than any of the others - each has its different role to play in a future where communications will increasingly be integrated into all facets and systems of business. And so the name of the leading event in the enterprise communications space must reflect the equal importance of all communications media, and the fact that enterprise communications takes place on a real-time, near-real-time, and non-real-time basis, according to the needs of the business and the individual user in the given situation.

As a result, as of March 2010, VoiceCon's name will be changed to Enterprise Connect, with the tagline, "Communications Transforming Business." This white paper will help you understand why we are renaming the event, and how this renaming reflects the state of the enterprise communications industry today, as well as the vision for the future that we believe we share with the marketplace.

Download our white paper for more details.