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Why Smart Tech Marketers Are All Spending On Native Advertising

Native Advertising Well Received By Tech Professionals

Creating marketing messages in the same format as editorial content is working. According to our new Content Connects research, technology pros  have a positive attitude towards native advertising.  Sixty-three percent of IT pros find native advertising to be influential, with 50% reporting that they use information gleaned from native ads to help them do their jobs.

Data from BI Intelligence finds that spending on native advertising will reach $7.9 billion this year and grow to $21 billion in 2018.  Research from IPG Media Lab reveals that users look at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads and they’re much more likely to be shared than a banner ad (32% vs. 19% of respondents).  According to our own 2015 Content Connects research, two-thirds engage with native advertising by clicking on the vendor’s link.  Two-thirds!

Native advertising helps bridge the gap between editorial coverage and advertising, and smart tech marketers are taking full advantage of this form of content marketing. Here at UBM Tech, we offer various opportunities for technology marketers to contribute and distribute content, including Partner Perspectives, a content marketing play that allows tech vendors to share their insights within the context of our online editorial.

But beware, vendor contributed content is sure to be judged harshly by IT professionals if done improperly. Avoid backlash by using some of these helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your native advertising program.

  • Don’t Spin. Native advertising content typically resides within an established and respected editorial community, so it should not include a product pitch.
  • Get people talking. Content should educate readers and provoke conversation or debate.
  • Have a point. Give advice, take a stand, or provide a detailed analysis.
  • Keep it fresh. Contributors should look for opportunities to write about timely issues to reveal subject matter expertise and thought leadership to readers. Try to bring a fresh (or contrarian) perspective to what you write.
  • Keep it real. Give real-world examples drawn from your own professional experiences or customer experiences.
  • Keep it real, part 2. Write about technology and process problems, hurdles, mistakes...not just the grand successes. Readers want to learn from others’ mistakes, and they’ll relate more to articles that present the world as they know it: imperfect with lots of trial and error.
  • Cite additional info. Links give your piece credibility and position your article as part of an ongoing conversation. By linking to other credible content, magazine articles, and online information resources you guide readers to new resources and establish yourself as an expert voice. You’ll be building reader trust with every valuable link you provide.
  • What’s next? Give readers a take-away or a call to action.

For more information on UBM Tech’s Partner Perspectives program, please contact me. For more content marketing best practices, be sure to check out our Content Connects webinar.

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