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Will Google+ Page Insights Make A Difference?

I know I’m not the only one who ignores Google+ as a marketing tool. Despite the fact that I’ve seen more tech event registrations come from Google+ than LinkedIn, and know that promoting content on the platform can raise search rankings, I haven’t even attempted to use it in a professional - let alone personal - context.

Why? Google+ may have a small, loyal fanbase, but it’s never been treated as an imperative to a marketing strategy. There are plenty of articles like “Google+ Is Walking Dead” that illustrate how Google can barely show its commitment to the platform’s success. What’s the point in testing a platform that could be sunsetted at any time?

That marketing skepticism may change as Google recently made analytics data available for Google+ pages through its Insights service. The data should make Google+ more useful as a marketing platform to help marketers finally understand their Google+ audience and how their audience interacts with page content.

Page owners will have access to three tabs in the Insights section: Visibility, Engagement, and Audience.

The Visibility tab, Google+ page owners will be able to see an aggregate count of various page view statistics, updated every 24 hours.

  • Photo Views: views of all photos owned by the page, including those where the photo was shown on other Google properties
  • Page Views: the number of times the page was loaded on Google+
  • Post Views: the total number of times all page posts were viewed by users

The Engagement tab shows how Google+ posts are performing such as counts of +1's, comments, and re-shares. Includes:

  • List of recent posts with views and actions per post
  • View of performance over the first 72 hours
  • Public post ripples, for identifying influential community members
  • Breakdown of actions by post media type

The Audience tab presents demographic data about page followers. It includes:

  • New followers, either in the last 7 or 30 days
  • Follower gender and age range
  • Follower geographic distribution

These are great insights to have– particularly for SMBs that need more clarity into the age and location of their fans. I’m still uncertain if the insights will outweigh the time and effort it takes tech marketers to build up their Google+ presence. Please weigh in if you’ve found good results from Google+ for promoting your tech content!

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