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A Year in Review: Infographics

Infographics played a larger role than ever in Create Your Next Customer’s 2014 visual storytelling efforts. Looking back, they provide a great snapshot of the year’s big marketing and technology trends from our longer research pieces.

Take a look at our year in infographics!

Marketing Research Infographics

Learn about tech marketers’ top marketing priorities and challenges, the content that drives event attendance, and the tools marketers need for year-round engagement.

IT Research Infographics

Gain insight on top concerns and issues weighing on CIOs, the current state of security programs, and data center resource constraints.

Infographic Series

Master Tech Content Marketing – IT professionals use an average of 8 types of information formats or sources for their jobs. Learn best practices to develop content they’ll engage with!

How Electronics Engineers Consume Content – Fast facts to help marketers understand how electronics engineers engage with a range of information formats.

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