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You’ve Created Great Content, Now What?

content-syndication-imageIn this world of information overload, great content is not enough – it is crucial for B2B companies to connect with their clients by making a difference in all that ‘content noise.’ And, as you’re about to guess, content marketing is part of the solution.

The critical missing piece in content marketing strategies nowadays is finding a reliable audience that is actually interested in your content. As a content marketer, you need to take a close look at your data to show you what kind of content you need to produce, as opposed to just going with your ‘gut feeling,’ which is what an awful lot of content marketers still do.

Content distribution is done right when you:

  • Choose multiple distribution partners – Get the right mixture of social media channels, native publishers and content discovery channels.
  • Use the right metrics – Go beyond the good old focus on click-throughs, bounce rates and conversions to show audience engagement. Instead, look at page views, time spent, scroll depth, completed video views, social actions and scroll velocity to help you determine if people actually ‘clicked’ with your content.
  • Create multiple variants, test & optimize – Use different headlines, creatives and channels for the same piece of content. Through testing what works best, you’ll be able to shift budget to the best performing channels and subsequently drive more audience to that amazing piece of content.
  • Improve future campaigns based on gained insights – Find out what content type, length, headline type, device type and seasonality worked best and build upon that knowledge. And never forget: always keep testing!

Effective content distribution will help you:

  • Build your brand
  • Make real connections with your valued audience
  • Turn consumers into evangelists (boosting your content strategy further)
  • Build a reliable audience for future campaigns

Needless to say, strategic distribution goals are needed to maximize the impact of your content marketing strategy. After all, data really is a brand’s best friend!

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