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Integrating Your Pre-Event, Onsite and Post-Event Strategy for Optimal Results

Our new research report, “The Tech Buyer’s Perspective – From the Office to Events and Back: How Tech Marketers Can Engage for Success," surveyed 820 technology professionals who attend industry events such as conferences and expos, to uncover attendees’ pre-event, on-site and post-event preferences, actions, content consumption habits, and more.

Technology Executive Event Preferences and Dislikes

Executive events are a valuable marketing tool that can help you build relationships with new customers while deepening long-term connections with existing ones. Best practices gained from years of experience can help determine the difference between a highly successful event and one that falls short of achieving its intended results.

In this research-driven whitepaper by Events Editor in Chief Brian Gillooly, we share with you the things we’ve learned over the years, underscored by a few valuable tips that will help you drive results via high-impact customer conversations at executive events.