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Best Practices Executive Brief: Infographics

One of the most effective ways to present information and data today are the use of infographics. Infographics appeal to consumers because people love facts and figures … But, not all infographics work. Get some quick tips on how to create infographics that work, download our Best Practices executive brief.

Stunning Social Media Engagement @ GDC San Francisco

The success of our social media efforts is the result of steady, hard work from a dedicated team, a clear vision and strategy, no fear of interaction with our audience, quick reactive fingers, and most importantly a good eye and witty sense of humor.

The 8 Golden Rules of Writing Great Press Releases

The news release has evolved greatly over the last 20 years since the advent of the online world. These tips and guidelines are designed to help you reach the various audiences or personas that are important to your brand, from media to bloggers to the end consumer.

How to Effectively Communicate with Designers

Conversations between communicators and designers can be a bit frustrating. You either don’t have a clear idea of what you want the visual to look like. Or, maybe you know exactly what you want, but are having trouble getting that result. Let’s break down a couple of typical conversations that happen during the design process, and how you can help avoid the disconnect.

Working with Long Form Content: Interview with Bradley H. Smith

It’s no secret that creating and using long form content is contextual – and the investment should be channel and audience specific. For the right audience, and the right outlet, long form content can return dividends. But what about when it just isn’t the right format for your audience?

How to Turn Your Data Into Stories

Have you heard that including numbers in your media pitch will attract journalist attention? Apparently, so has everyone else. Here are tips to help brands uncover the stories within their business that connect to customers.

2015 Tech Marketing Priorities Research

The results from our third annual technology marketing priorities survey show that trade shows and events, and content creation are the most successful marketing tactics. Download the research to learn about tech marketing priorities, challenges, budgets, and much more!

Tips for Writing Effective Marketing Copy

Marketing copy can make or break your campaign. You could have a revolutionary product but if your copy does not do it justice people will overlook it. So how can you spice up your copy and land that sale? Here are some tips to consider for your next campaign.

A Year in Review: Infographics

Infographics played a larger role than ever in Create Your Next Customer’s 2014 visual storytelling efforts. Looking back, they provide a great snapshot of the year’s big marketing and technology trends from our longer research pieces.

Reminder: Your Best Content Expires January 1, 2015

Many tech marketers (myself included) regard the new year with more than a little apprehension. The expiration dates on your best content marketing pieces are fast approaching, and another year of content planning and creation is upon us. Here are some strategies to extend the shelf life of your content.

Content Marketing—Challenges, Obstacles and Barriers, oh my!

Part One of a conversation with CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose, to discuss some of the trends from the survey and their implications for marketers. The conversation gives some insight into the “state of the state” of content marketing at many organizations, with a particular focus on barriers to success.

PR and Marketing Are Aligning, Now What?

PR News recently released the findings of a survey conducted with PR Newswire into the alignment of PR, marketing, and advertising. Two trends stand out as areas of focus and growth for communications professionals moving forward.

Managing Social Media Risk Strategy: Technology Can Only Go So Far

Social media training, a social media risk assessment plan, a social governance policy, and a risk-aware culture -- is all of this really necessary? Yes. For all the benefits social media has provided from marketing, referrals, and recruitment, the complexities and legal risks are still daunting, not to mention risks to reputation.

Techies In Advertising: Hits & Misses

IT professionals have been portrayed in advertising campaigns for a few decades now. Yet ad agencies keep getting it wrong, so wrong. Business-to-business ads, such as those from computer companies for enterprise buyers, generally do better on this score, as you'd expect. But not always.