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A Logical Framework for Aligning Content to the Purchase Process

Putting the customer first and understanding who is most involved at each stage, and what information those key stakeholders need at those various stages in the purchase are the keys to formulating an effective content strategy. This is an outline of the stages to give marketers a logical framework for content categorization.

Research: IT Buying Triggers - How Tech Purchases Are Ignited

We are pleased to continue our research tradition with the release of our report IT Buying Triggers: How Tech Purchases Are Ignited & How the Buy Goes Down.

This report is based on new 2013 quantitative research which delves into the technology buying triggers of 730 business and technology professionals involved in the purchase process for technology products and services such as security, networking, data center, software-as-a-service, enterprise software and/or wireless mobile technologies at their organizations.

InformationWeek Tech Marketer Roundtable & Simulcast - OSQoR Winner

On the heels of our UBM TechWeb Tech Marketing Roundtable “From Lead Gen to Brand Gen: How to Change Your Game,” I want to congratulate Tony Perri of Perri Marketing as our OSQoR (Online Super Question of Relevance!) winner. We had 200+ marketing pros online and 30+ in the room discussing and digging in to view the just-released research and brand gen best practices.

InformationWeek Tech Marketer Roundtable & Simulcast Reveals New Tech Buyer Research

Marketers got a first glimpse of the new 2012 UBM TechWeb Tech Buyer Research at the InformationWeek sponsored roundtable and simulcast Lead Gen To Brand Gen: How To Change Your Game, held on April 3rd at the Rosewood Hotel at the heart of Silicon Valley and simulcasted live across North America. UBM TechWeb CMO Scott Vaughan led the discussions which covered customer buying preferences and how we, as marketers, should map to the customer purchase process to be successful. And, IBM Betty Van Baalen shares IBM Global Technology Solutions’ approach to customer engagement. Catch the full simulcast.

The Single Buyer Model: A Dangerous Road Towards Competitive B2B Marketing

Many B2B Marketers today are faced with the daunting tasks of connecting with buyers in new ways and using new mediums that are still in infancy. New tactical approaches have been introduced at a rapid rate and some old ideas repurposed with new labels – all in an effort to find the ever flowing fountain of gaining buyer attention. The shelf-life expectancy of some of the new approaches is yet to be known; making investment and resource decisions for leaders in B2B Marketing a road filled with risks.