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How The IT Buy Goes Down - Research Summary

Informa Tech conducted an online survey of business and technology professionals in North America to understand their technology decision making process. The results provide technology vendors with insight into how IT professionals make purchasing decisions as well as how much money they plan to spend in the near term and in which areas.

Most of the 165 respondents are director/manager of IT, IT staff or IT executives. Twenty-two percent have annual company revenue of more than $1 billion, while 14% are government/nonprofit. Thirty-eight percent work for a company with 1,000 or more employees.

Here are the top takeaways tech marketers should know about prospective IT customers when you’re setting up marketing campaigns across media and events.

Key Takeaways:

  • 76% make technology decisions for multiple departments (52% make technology decisions for the entire organization)
  • The average company IT budget is $246 million (51% say their budget will increase in 2019)
  • More than ¾ are allocating budget to security technologies; 50% say their organization recently purchased or plans to purchase networking solutions
  • IT Staff and IT Management drive most of the technology purchase – don’t just target C-level executives
  • Vendors are determined early in the purchase process; 42% say they are already half way through the process before they engage with a tech sales rep
  • 91% say they are somewhat willing or very willing to look at new vendors
  • 1 in 5 says the length of the purchase cycle is significantly longer when working with a new vendor

The research shows the door is open for technology vendors to secure new business. Knowing a little bit more about what’s going on inside the minds of the IT pros you’re targeting can help you craft stronger sales messages and ask the right questions. Remember – 70% of IT professionals consider it a deal breaker when a “vendor is selling, not educating.”

Need even more information about your IT prospects? View the complete "How The IT Buy Goes Down” research in the slideshow to get more details.