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White Paper Syndication Options

Looking for options to drive engagement and lead generation with your white papers? TechWeb participated in an report by Stephanie Tilton of Ten Ton Marketing that reviews your many options in the area of white paper syndication.

Don’t Know the Ideal Reader? 3 Reasons You Should

As marketers, our careers revolve around choosing targets and articulating messaging that clearly addresses our targets’ pain points and need states.  We spend days and weeks creating profiles and personas for the people we most want to buy or products, and test their response through split testing and focus groups.

A Few Things I Learned From MBAs About Technology Marketing

Last week, I had the privilege of presenting to a group of MBA and business students at the School of Management at Binghamton University, NY (also my alma mater).  The class is simply titled ‘e-Business,’ and taught by Dr. Surinder Kahai - who very graciously organized this event, where I presented on the topic of “Marketing in a Digital Age.” 

 The majority of the students majored in Information Systems, Marketing, Leadership, and Finance/Accounting.

Interviews: IT Executives and the Role of Magazines

At the 2009 InformationWeek 500 Conference, where attendees, speakers and sponsors experience the optimal mix of content and networking, InformationWeek conducted several in-depth interviews with some of the most innovative users of business technology to find out the value of a print magazine in the digital era.

Download PDF: IT Executives on Print

Fire them or fire them up

Don’t over analyze – happy and passionate workers generate multiples more impact.

Please don’t confuse this as my OK to push your employees around. This is a call to “get off your butt manager and motivate your people.” Maybe a better title is “Fire them, fire them up or get fired,” but I didn’t think it would get you to read it. So, it’s a bit of a bait and switch.

CA Solutions Center Program

ConciergeSiteThe CA Solutions Center Program consists of five topical concierge sites, each with its own community, serving as the “front door” where all content resides.

Cisco Federal Conversation Tool

TechWeb has just completed the build-out of another cutting-edge interactive marketing solution—a Conversational Tool for Cisco Federal.

conversation tool

Reaching Mobile Decision Makers

Keeping pace with the way business technology professional’s work, Sybase engaged in a mobile marketing program with TechWeb in order to reach these always-connected decision makers.

CIOs In The Hot Seat

Anytime you put a “C” in your title, your shadow grows and there’s no place to hide. We decided to put three CIOs in the hot seat, in front of their peers, and in front of a board of directors, American Idol-style. The board was tough, but the CIOs were phenomenal.

You can watch the video below:

CIOs Want CEO Strategy, Not Competitor-Bashing

In the past week on InformationWeek’s Global CIO, I’ve written a couple of columns questioning why the CEOs of two of the largest software companies in the world spend so much time talking about and bad-mouthing competitors.

Sure, I understand that this is a tough business and that free-market competition requires leaders to take strong positions on comparative advantages and disadvantages designed to present their companies in the best possible light.

Helping IT Executives Transform Their Orgs & Careers

I had the pleasure of spending the last week on the road as part of the Smart Enterprise Exchange IT Executive Roundtable program we organize in major cities around the globe.  Joining me in Muskoka, Ontario (also known as, Canada’s Cottage Country), Sacramento, Calif. and Phoenix, AZ was Peter Hinssen

Start with Audience: The New Network Computing

How do you take a 20-year old brand and make it relevant in today’s digital media and publishing world?  We asked ourselves that exact question when we started to evaluate building an enhanced online destination around TechWeb’s Network Computing brand. 

The good news is that we found the answers.