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Hey Marketing: Be Sales’ Wingmen

Let’s cut to the chase – many large and small organizations still have major marketing and sales alignment issues (sometimes called “power struggles”) when it comes to operating philosophies and delivering value as collaborators (1+1 is supposed to equal 3 not just 2).

Twitter: Everyone's a Novice

Twitter is currently the most discussed and least understood social medium in marketing circles. How do we use it; do we need a face or can a brand tweet? What about ghost writers and using RSS feeds? All of this and more was discussed at the TWTRCON (#twtrcon) event held in San Francisco last week. You know its a hot topic when over 200 people show up to discuss Twitter as a business platform on a Sunday!

Happy Birthday COBOL and the Birth of Online Media

The programming language COBOL just turned 50 years old. 77% of the population would say whoopdeedoo to that, as they’ve never even heard of COBOL. But according to a recent Dr. Dobb’s Code Talk blog (a community platform for the future of programming), 60-80 percent of the world's enterprises still rely on COBOL to run their business. Many predict it will be around for another 50 years. Mid-life crisis? You be the judge.

PR Open Forum Webinar: Bloggers Speak Out

To hear more from top ranked bloggers, please register to attend PRSourceCode’s upcoming “PR Open Forum Webinar: Bloggers Speak Out” where John Siefert, senior vice president and publisher, InformationWeek, Business Technology Network Blogs;

From the Interop Floor :: Video

Scott Vaughan, VP of Marketing for TechWeb is interviewed from the Interop show floor about what is going on at the show, the buzz and new happenings in the technology market.

Also, check out Interop TV streaming live from the show floor!

The Final Digital Divide

Below is a blog post from Aaron Kahlow, our marketing partner with the Online Marketing Summit. This is a site, educational summits and certification for online marketing professionals. I became a big fan in working with and learning from the many talented peeps I have meet that participate.

Top 10 Siefert Rules for Marketing in a Crap Economy

  1. Set realistic metrics with an understanding that the higher the CPL the better the lead (and vice versa).
  2. Outline a beginning, middle and an end to your program.
  3. Leverage each media type for what it is good at—online is good for branding, lead gen and engagement, print is huge for viability and face to face kicks ass for accelerating the sales process. Used in unison, you surround the customer.