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The Great Digital Diversion

Forget for second what you are reading in the papers about the end of the world. Even in bad times, seismic shifts can be happening in technology markets to create massive growth. Such is the case with digital media technology.

The fact is that the broadcasting, print media, and advertising industries are still in the early stages of a massive, generational shift to digital platforms. Recent statistics show that the total media spend in ad dollars is only 10 percent digital.

Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring Help

We are all trying to do it, but being successful is another matter. This webcast from Lead Life brings two experts to the table to help demystify the process. It is worth an hour of your time, if only so you realize you are not alone!

Video Search Coming Of Age

Here's one simple ingredient for monetizing video: Get lots of video traffic. Here's one simple ingredient for driving video traffic: Make the video great. Here's one simple ingredient for great video: Create content that matters. Here are three simple ingredients for creating content that matters: Make it entertaining; make it practical; make it easy to find. Blend rigorously, optimize video search engines, and wait for dough ($) to rise.

Change Your Language: “Lessons Learned” are way in, “Success Stories” are out

At a CIO Exchange last week over some generic chicken dish and a decent bottle of red (yes, I realize this is not a great pairing), the discussion of what bugs you most about Tech Marketing and what could we do to improve came up. There was a list of a few things, but one that jumped out because of the passion it generated was Case Studies, Customer Success stories and Customer References.

Social Media Research

Part of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

Helping CIOs See Beyond Cost-Cutting

In today's brutal economy, CIOs are making it a top priority to squeeze out every possible penny from their IT budgets, and more broadly are also part of the corporate hunt to find, liberate, and conserve cash from every facet of the organization.

The economy sucks…oh, you already knew?

How many conversations have you had lately about the economy? I literally just hung up the phone after speaking with a VP of Marketing from a storage company about this exact issue. He was planning to do some cool integrated stuff with us that was designed by my sales team—the issue: his company is living quarter to quarter to try and make sure they hit their bottom line numbers, and he needs to watch every penny. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

New Data on Email Subject Lines

A new whitepaper provided by Epsilon looks at the relationship on subject line lenght and email performance. It may not be all about short and sweet anymore, some of the things to think about include word order, relevance and perspective.

IT Decision Makers Embracing Regional, Intimate Roundtables in Light of Economic Uncertainty

In light of all the tough news, here is some good news --IT decision makers want to attend local roundtables.

There is an upward trend in IT Pros behavior when it comes to attending smaller, more intimate events. We are seeing a strong increase in the desire for IT decision makers to come together to network and take a pulse of what their peers are doing and feeling.

Do You Partner?

In this economy, it’s time to ask yourself some questions. Do you partner with your media/publishing partners? Do they partner with you? If you’re stuck in platonic relationships, it’s time to dig deeper to drive value out of a true partnership. And I’m not talking Laurel and Hardy or Martin and Lewis. Here are three reasons why:

Dr. Dobb's Joins the InformationWeek Business Technology Network

So you ever wonder if there is an actual “Dr.” at Dr. Dobb's? Well, first, do you know what Dr. Dobb's even is? I guess I’ll start there: Dr. Dobb's is a media brand that has been serving the developer community for the last few decades (yes, I said decades), and it has a loyal following of the most sought after developers in the market.