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Display Advertising Best Practices Guide

DABP CoverAre you having trouble connecting with your audience? Digital display advertising can be an incredibly effective method for getting your brand in front of your target audience. However, you must keep in mind the display advertising best practices to get a good return on investment. In fact, our research shows that only 29%of B2B tech marketers believe digital display advertising was one of their most effective marketing tactics.

Our goal with this guide is to help tech marketers and advertisers better plan the display ads that they create to make their display campaigns more effective. We cover how to set your campaign goals, track your display ads’ performance, and breakdown the attributes and best practices of six key types of display ads:

  • Static Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Native Advertising
  • Welcome/Pop-up Ads
  • Flash/HTML5 Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads

If you need help planning your next display ad campaign, or just want to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the marketplace, then this guide is for you!

Some highlights include:

  • 63% of IT professionals find native advertising to be influential and look at native ads 53% more frequently than standard display ads.
  • Pop-up ads are the #1 reason people block a website or never return to the site, but when used correctly, pop-ups can more than double your engagement rates.
  • Regardless of the display ad format you choose, your ad branding needs to be consistent. The logo, colors, fonts, and imagery should be the same across every ad and landing page so that viewers know the ad is from you.

These best practices are based on digital campaigns run on UBM Americas’ media brands: InformationWeek, Network Computing, and Dark Reading. Each month, these sites serve 3.2 million enterprise IT professionals the advice and solutions they need to drive their businesses forward. UBM Americas has decades of insights and experience to help our clients deliver dynamic media programs to the business technology audience.

Improve your engagement and have better ROI by downloading our Display Advertising Best Practices guide today!

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